Do me a favor would ya?

There was a sale on for a top of the line wifi mesh network, one of those routers with 1-4 satellite beacons that transmit wifi signal throughout your 3000 sq ft house. It costs a pretty penny and is kinda overkill for my glorified NYC closet called an apartment, but fuck it. As a […]

What is the point of this blog?

Back in 2013, a dear friend of mine in our newly formed mastermind group asked me a silly question, or so I thought when I initially heard it. “Evan, do you love yourself?” I scoffed at him with irritation. “Uh. Of course I do. What kind of question is that?” I responded. Little did I […]

Thank you David Goggins

David Goggins, I was 100% skeptical of you at first, but now I feel you’re a breath of fresh air. As I’m hearing your story in the book Can’t Hurt Me, which I recommend listening to on audiobook, I can’t help but ask myself, “what the hell have I been doing?” I’ve had many moments […]

Everything has changed

My heart beats differently now. My eyes see differently now. My ears listen differently now. And my mouth tastes differently now. Everything has changed. Is this the power of connection? Life is flowing through me again. I feel inspired, livid, and fierce. It’s still a bit scary, to put myself out there. But I realize […]

Focusing on the wrong things

For this past weekend, I’ve been working towards getting my blog up and running. My rationale believe that in order to begin the process of writing my thoughts, I needed to do a few crucial things that would enable me to write my best work: Update my website page content, social media links, and contact […]

Hello world!

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3. Testing. Well, after spending way too long finding the “perfect” wordpress theme, I finally landed on one that fits my need. Admittedly, the process was drawn out far longer than it needed to be. All the themes look the same, yet I was extraordinarily and unnecessarily picky. Not the right […]