Back in the writing game

Slowly but surely, I’ve gotten back into the writing game.

It’s going to be a painful, slow ramp up, for both my readers and myself, but it’ll be worth it.

After spending hours researching new wordpress themes (aka procrastinating), I’ve settled on one. This has been such a debilitating excuse to prevent me from actually doing work that matters.

I have paid for at least 5 themes at $50 or more. These are hard, tangible markings of my procrastination. The entrepreneurial trap of spending a majority of the time deciding the name of the company has captured me.

Hopefully, this will be the last theme I buy for awhile. it would be a good sign, meaning that I have been focused more on actually doing the hard work rather than the insignificant work such as choosing a theme or website name.

The mind is wicked when it comes to procrastination. Creative excuses can forever dispel a person into psychosis, where she becomes dismantled and completely segmented from reality.