Back in the writing game

Slowly but surely, I’ve gotten back into the writing game.

It’s going to be a painful, slow ramp up, for both my readers and myself, but it’ll be worth it.

After spending hours researching new wordpress themes (aka procrastinating), I’ve settled on one. This has been such a debilitating excuse to prevent me from actually doing work that matters.

I have paid for at least 5 themes at $50 or more. These are hard, tangible markings of my procrastination. The entrepreneurial trap of spending a majority of the time deciding the name of the company has captured me.

Hopefully, this will be the last theme I buy for awhile. it would be a good sign, meaning that I have been focused more on actually doing the hard work rather than the insignificant work such as choosing a theme or website name.

The mind is wicked when it comes to procrastination. Creative excuses can forever dispel a person into psychosis, where she becomes dismantled and completely segmented from reality.

coolest girl ever.

I rode in an uber with who I consider to be the coolest girl ever.

She came in the car with style. First thing she asks:

“Do you have an AUX? I want to play this song.”

“No, sorry I do not.” said our genuinely apologetic and friendly driver.

“I’m going play DJ then.” She proceeds to DJ.

So we listen to “Drowning” by Boogie wit da Hoodie.


Handle your shit, for their sake

Since yesterday, I’ve had 3 phone calls with 3 separate people that lasted a nearly 9 hours.

My buddy is being a little bitch. And the situation is distracting, annoying, and harmful to my work and personal life. And it’s totally stupid! There is a relationship in peril because of some misunderstanding. I have a startup life, a potential relationship, low income, and other shit to flying fucks to. I don’t need a mother fucker adding more stress to my plate.

Well, I’ve bitched long enough. Now after venting, I’m going to cease the shit talking and start making shit happen. I’ve consulted with the stakeholders and necessary individuals in this situation and shared my perspective. So far, all are in agreement that he is being a bitch and I’m the victim here. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. I just want to resolve this as quickly as possible so I can focus on shit that matters.

Recommendation: Because the best thing I can do for what matters to me right now– team, family, friends — is to solve as many problems as I can. For solving problems will enable me to regain my time, energy, attention, and mindshare again. Free up as much iota as possible. We have limited fucks to give in one day.

thank you for fucking championing me

There are people looking out for my wellbeing and success. Because if I’m successful, they are successful. These are effective stakeholders.

Thank you to the people in my line of work who are fighting for my growth and development.

harness the network effect

A phone is useful only when you have people to call.

The internet is useful only when there are people connected to it.

Likewise, apps and products, such as social networks, are valuable for its network.

This is the principle of the network effect — the phenomenon whereby a product or service gains additional value as more people use it.

Coupling this concept with the notion of your network equals your net worth is a key formula to having scalable success.

What do I mean by scalable success?

Position yourself in a way so that as your network grows, your value grows as well.

This approach potentially can exponentially, rather than incrementally, grow your wealth and welfare.

Some common methods of incrementally growing your wealth and welfare include getting a raise, getting a title bump, investing in your 401k, or saving by not buying that extra cup of coffee.

Yes, these are proven methods, but not scalable. You’ll be 50 years old before you can reap such a slow harvest.

Entrepreneurs and super networkers have cracked the code. They’ve figured out that by building products and growing users, nurturing communities, or simply increasing their email subscribers is a way to scale their success.

By increasing your email list from 1000 to 2000, you multiplied your earning potential by 2x. By increasing your annual salary by 6% is just that — a 6% YoY growth.

Position yourself in some way to scale your success by making your network a key factor in your formula for success.

Start playing chess and lose the checker pieces.

Keepin’ Austin Weird

In true fashion, Jen proposes that we do a fucking cross fit workout before dinner.

How do I respond? In kind.

“Fuck yes”

I’m loving this city.

the exit door is right there

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” — Jim Rohn

Some people get really anxious or depressed at their work. They feel trapped, cornered. The world’s weight in pressure is placed upon their shoulders to perform.

This sometimes describes me.

Then my boss reminded me, “Listen, don’t forget that the exit door is right over there.”

What the deuce?

Like leave? Quit?

That’s not in my vocabulary! I would never do that. Quitting is never an option.

“But why not? Just knowing that you can leave anytime, no matter how hard the situation is, should relieve you of any pressure or anxiety.”


It took me some time to process this. And when I did, my mind was blown.

Whoa. I never thought about this. I actually can just walk through that door anytime.

Why have I placed so much pressure on myself to perform? I mean, taking your job seriously is one thing.

But to harbor the belief that you are indispensable, necessary for the mission, and unable to fail is more crippling than helpful.

This notion can be applied to any realm of life aside from work — relationships, living situation, commitments…

I’m reminded that we are only one decision away from a completely different life.

Know that you are fully capable of exercising this decision at any time, especially when shit hits the fan.

just one thing

Writing isn’t my immediate goal right now. It was. I wanted to be a writer. That’s why I quit my last job – to pursue writing in a larger capacity.

But then I realize I’m not ready for that lifestyle yet. There was still a whole lot of life and the world I wanted to experience.

I thought I was ready to embrace a life of solitude. A taste of it had me scurrying in the other direction.

Here I am now pursuing the craftsmanship of bartending and entrepreneurship again, all while double downing on developing my communication and interpersonal skills.

In spite of writing no longer on my immediate radar of goal, I don’t want to let that muscle atrophy entirely.

Writing still has a place inside me. It might not make me rich and famous, but it still provides me fulfillment.

And for that alone, I’ve decided to commit to writing one blog post a day to at least express myself through one lesson learned.

I don’t care if anyone reads it. It’s not meant for anyone but myself.

A wise guy once told me, “If you want to make god laugh, tell her your plans.”

She’s got no more asses to laugh off after talking to me.

the currency of conversations

Every conversation is a transaction. Master conversation and you can become rich.

We speak to each other because we ultimately desire something. Actually, each one of us has a value language.

There are 6 value languages, or reasons why you communicate verbally with others — information, utility, love or acceptance, currency, and other ones I forgot.

If you ask questions constantly without divulging anything about yourself, you’re holding back resources for the other party.

For an effective, mutually beneficial transaction to occur, you must be mindful of the resources/information you’re gaining and giving.

Aim for a win-win.

lose at what matters

There are forces that pull us in all directions. These forces can be friends, families, managers, anyone.

And they offer incentives that are ultra enticing. These incentives may be so compelling that we alter our life’s course to achieve them.

But we must proceed with caution, often taking time to reflect, for all that shines is not gold.

There are opportunities all around us, so the problem is not the lack of opportunities, but the opposite – there are too many. There are too many distractions that deter us from achieving fulfillment.

I don’t care about losing, I care about winning at something that doesn’t matters.