Evan of New York

“My parents are your stereotypical tiger parents. They constantly harped at me how education was absolutely necessary to be successful and happy. Education was sacred and revered. The Vietnam War…

Back in the writing game

Slowly but surely, I’ve gotten back into the writing game. It’s going to be a painful, slow ramp up, for both my readers and myself, but it’ll be worth it….

coolest girl ever.

I rode in an uber with who I consider to be the coolest girl ever. She came in the car with style. First thing she asks: “Do you have an…

harness the network effect

A phone is useful only when you have people to call. The internet is useful only when there are people connected to it. Likewise, apps and products, such as social…

Keepin’ Austin Weird

In true fashion, Jen proposes that we do a fucking cross fit workout before dinner. How do I respond? In kind. “Fuck yes” I’m loving this city.

the exit door is right there

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” — Jim Rohn Some people get really anxious or depressed at their work. They feel trapped, cornered….

just one thing

Writing isn’t my immediate goal right now. It was. I wanted to be a writer. That’s why I quit my last job – to pursue writing in a larger capacity….