current priorities

I pause and reflect to see what I am doing. While I am obsessed with speed, I must be even more obsessed with direction, else I’ll be going nowhere fast.

Currently, I see my time divided into 3 projects: bartending, marketing/startup, and interpersonal skills.

Bartending – Mastering this craft aligns with my several of my values – family, fitness, and freedom. The interpersonal skills development is essential. Call it exposure therapy each time I work a shift. I’m getting better, more fit. In turn, I can more effectively communicate with people, including friends, customers, and loved ones. Not to mention, potential significant others. Hence, my family values are fulfilled. Lastly. bartenders are in demand in all countries around the world. Wherever there is a bar and some level of tourism that is. It goes without saying that bartenders make a decent income for a living. Family, fitness and freedom.

Marketing/startup – Though I am steering away from tech and business, I can’t deny my core nature and roots. I am an entrepreneur. I am a marketer. I am a technology enthusiast. How can I turn my back on my core strengths and skills that drive earning potential? That would be stupid of me to forgo such opportunities. Thus, I will leverage my skills, networks, and experiences in marketing and entrepreneurship to achieve financial freedom. And with financial freedom, I can more effectively support friends, families, and passion projects.

Interpersonal skills – I suck at communicating. Not always, but it’s often a hit or miss. This area of my life needs to be pat down and locked down. That’s why I’ve signed up for improv classes and voice lessons. My bartending gig is accelerating my growth here as well.