Everything has changed

My heart beats differently now. My eyes see differently now. My ears listen differently now. And my mouth tastes differently now. Everything has changed. Is this the power of connection? Life is flowing through me again. I feel inspired, livid, and fierce.

It’s still a bit scary, to put myself out there. But I realize that’s the best option. Express extreme vulnerability. It’s not meant to be a pity fest. No, quite the opposite. To let your guard down, to drop that heavy armor, and breathe again through a maskless face, these are signs of strength and true power.

I’ve been blind my entire life.

Real power derives from the deep desire to lift others up. There is greatness in every one of us. Those who can see and pull that out will be the change makers of our future.

But with all that greatness, there is also pain and suffering that clouds the shimmering light. The pain can be unbearable at times. And if it becomes to painful for too long, we choose to cut off from it altogether.

Abandonment. That is how we become internally fragmented.

What I’ve felt and observed is that the integration process then is to accept all parts of ourselves. Love brings things closer to you. Meanwhile, fear pushes things away from you. Therefore, love for thyself is vital to restoring your peace.

This is the antidote I’ve been seeking. But I must keep an open mind and continue my learning. Understanding this is a solid foundation for which I feel confident enough to build upon.

It won’t guarantee success. Nothing is ever guaranteed. But it’s my best strategy. But, can’t some things be guaranteed? Why not?

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