feeling grounded

I arrive back to San Francisco feeling rejuvenated.

Being home with family and friends really does wonders. I’m reminded not of how much farther I must go, but how far I’ve come.

San Francisco represents a state of mind. It’s a grind – to live life, grow, connect, love, and fucking hustle.

The dosage is in the poison. And perhaps I’ve overdosed on that hustle. It’s been battering to the soul.

After being in darkness for so long, you forget what light looks like, feels like.

Family and friends back at home are my baseline. When I stood side by side against them, I felt strong.

This whole time up here in the bay area was not in vain. I’ve grown.

My communication was more sturdy. Mindfulness was at the right level. And I could hold my ground against people who I used to get nervous around.

It’s important to surround yourself not just with people at higher levels than you, but also on your equals and lower rungs. These people all give perspective.

I was always around people much more leveled up than me. But maybe too much of that made me discouraged. I couldn’t help but compare my point A with their point Z.

I’ll make an effort to revisit home more often. It’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from