Focusing on the wrong things

For this past weekend, I’ve been working towards getting my blog up and running. My rationale believe that in order to begin the process of writing my thoughts, I needed to do a few crucial things that would enable me to write my best work:

  • Update my website page content, social media links, and contact me page.
  • Make sure my email opt in flow is prepared to intake droves of email subscriptions from all my friends and family who read my content.
  • Should I use mail chimp or an alternative email marketing software?
  • Make sure I use the latest and greatest writing app and have mastered all its features.
  • Finish this Spanish wine I bought for happy hour at this NY cafe and bar.

Yeah. I went off the rails a bit.

Obviously, none of these are true prerequisites in order to begin writing. They are merely creative, tangential problems I created to procrastinate and avoid the only activity that actually matters: writing.

I suspect writers hate the sound of their own writing voice similar to how we all cringe when we listen to our very own recorded voices. Science has an explanation for chalk board clawing effects of listening to our recorded voices, but there’s no word on anything related to our writing voice yet.

After exhausting a reasonable number of trivial items off my listed perceived to be conditions I need to satisfy and establish prior to writing, I reached my procrastinating wit’s end. There’s nothing left for me to do except starting pumping out some words.

I’m reminded that when it comes to starting any daring endeavor, such as calling your family members, filing your taxes, or beginning to study that test taking place tomorrow, the main obstacles we need to overcome to do the work that matters are out in the emotional frontier. Meaning, the only thing standing in our way to doing meaningful work is often ourselves, not lack of resources, tools, or subject matter expertise.

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