Good enough

I just moved into a new home. With that, comes the joy of shopping for a whole lot of new furniture. But if I’m not careful, my life will spiral downward quickly.

I wished the desk had drawers.
My dresser feels flimsy and cheap..
The room I’m staying in could be bigger.
This standing desk unit was too expensive.
Nothing is good enough…

Somehow, instead of finding joy and beauty in all of my new found belongings, I see only flaws and imperfections. That’s what happens when you’re too far up in your head.

When you live in your head, you’re dead.

I try not to take it personal. The brain is just doing its job — to always point out what is wrong or imperfect. Because what is imperfect is risky and potentially life threatening. That’s the way the brain has been processing its environment for the past 2 million years.

Our intelligence is space age software in a body that’s prehistoric hardware.

These days, we’re not threatened by predators lurking around the corner ready to devour us. Brain, your default programming of fear served us well for the past 2 million years or so, but we no longer need you to do so. Fortunately, the brain is plastic, neuroplastic that is. It is proven that it can change throughout its lifetime, but it takes practice just like any muscle.

As I look around the room, I notice the negative narrative my brain churns — nothing is good enough.

But aren’t I in control here? Sorry mind, you’re no longer leading here. You’re more than welcomed to join on the┬áride, whether you choose the backseat or shotgun. You can complain, shout, bitch and get angry all you’d like, but you are 100% not allowed to drive this life anymore.