Since yesterday, I’ve had 3 phone calls with 3 separate people that lasted a nearly 9 hours.

My buddy is being a little bitch. And the situation is distracting, annoying, and harmful to my work and personal life. And it’s totally stupid! There is a relationship in peril because of some misunderstanding. I have a startup life, a potential relationship, low income, and other shit to flying fucks to. I don’t need a mother fucker adding more stress to my plate.

Well, I’ve bitched long enough. Now after venting, I’m going to cease the shit talking and start making shit happen. I’ve consulted with the stakeholders and necessary individuals in this situation and shared my perspective. So far, all are in agreement that he is being a bitch and I’m the victim here. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. I just want to resolve this as quickly as possible so I can focus on shit that matters.

Recommendation: Because the best thing I can do for what matters to me right now– team, family, friends — is to solve as many problems as I can. For solving problems will enable me to regain my time, energy, attention, and mindshare again. Free up as much iota as possible. We have limited fucks to give in one day.

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