A phone is useful only when you have people to call.

The internet is useful only when there are people connected to it.

Likewise, apps and products, such as social networks, are valuable for its network.

This is the principle of the network effect — the phenomenon whereby a product or service gains additional value as more people use it.

Coupling this concept with the notion of your network equals your net worth is a key formula to having scalable success.

What do I mean by scalable success?

Position yourself in a way so that as your network grows, your value grows as well.

This approach potentially can exponentially, rather than incrementally, grow your wealth and welfare.

Some common methods of incrementally growing your wealth and welfare include getting a raise, getting a title bump, investing in your 401k, or saving by not buying that extra cup of coffee.

Yes, these are proven methods, but not scalable. You’ll be 50 years old before you can reap such a slow harvest.

Entrepreneurs and super networkers have cracked the code. They’ve figured out that by building products and growing users, nurturing communities, or simply increasing their email subscribers is a way to scale their success.

By increasing your email list from 1000 to 2000, you multiplied your earning potential by 2x. By increasing your annual salary by 6% is just that — a 6% YoY growth.

Position yourself in some way to scale your success by making your network a key factor in your formula for success.

Start playing chess and lose the checker pieces.

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