independence day

Independence isn’t acquired by running away from your captors. You have to face them head on, fight, and earn your freedom.

No matter how far I travel, away from the woes and troubled relationships, I will always be a prisoner to if I do not ascertain my true independence from them.

A person can have control over your life if you allow it.

Up until now, I thought if I had a decent job, a mobile van, then I could achieve freedom. Yet, my life is still gripped and paralyzed by individuals in my life.

The best thing I can do for myself is to fight and win my freedom from the people who I have reluctantly relinquished my kingdom to.

My true peace cannot be attained if I continue to exercise creative avoidance from the trouble relationships.

But on the same token, will all relationships grip me with fear? I must not mind all people and their business or it’ll be the end of me.