Writing isn’t my immediate goal right now. It was. I wanted to be a writer. That’s why I quit my last job – to pursue writing in a larger capacity.

But then I realize I’m not ready for that lifestyle yet. There was still a whole lot of life and the world I wanted to experience.

I thought I was ready to embrace a life of solitude. A taste of it had me scurrying in the other direction.

Here I am now pursuing the craftsmanship of bartending and entrepreneurship again, all while double downing on developing my communication and interpersonal skills.

In spite of writing no longer on my immediate radar of goal, I don’t want to let that muscle atrophy entirely.

Writing still has a place inside me. It might not make me rich and famous, but it still provides me fulfillment.

And for that alone, I’ve decided to commit to writing one blog post a day to at least express myself through one lesson learned.

I don’t care if anyone reads it. It’s not meant for anyone but myself.

A wise guy once told me, “If you want to make god laugh, tell her your plans.”

She’s got no more asses to laugh off after talking to me.

About Evan

I write letters to my younger self, and I strive to be the person my younger self needed.