“no” man

I’m accustomed to being a “yes” man to extreme lengths. There’s nothing I wouldn’t try. And most things, I’m confident I can do given enough time and practice.

Based on my core values and global beliefs, I’m inclined to always say “yes” to anything.

This has served me well. I’m blessed to have seized opportunities that have positioned me in remarkable places during my lifetime and created unforgettable memories.

But alas, I’m seeing that this strategy is faulty on a lot of levels.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

The habit of saying “yes” has become deeply ingrained. It’s become my default mindset, an “on” switch I cannot turn off easily.

As a default state of mind, I find I have to muster an egregious amount of mindfulness and courage to push back on people’s demands, deal with making asks, confrontation, and challenging others. I’m overly agreeable most of the time.

I wonder. What would it be like if I ran an experiment of being a “no” man. That is, I will be a person who says “no” to everything by default.

The risk of this extreme approach is just that — it’s extreme. But then again, the upside to this would be the extreme approach would balance out my nature.

Guess I’ve not learned my lesson of living through the middle way.

Nonetheless, let’s give it a shot.