Not all minimalism is created equal

I minimalize my clothes. You’ll see me wearing joggers and grey shirts 80% of the time.
I minimalize my furniture. Give me a desk and a wood floor and I’ll survive.
I minimalize my trinkets and souvenir. Please don’t gift me things because I probably will find it burdensome.
I minimalize my car. If it’s got 4 wheels and an engine, we’re good.
I minimalize my home. Van life. Period.

Overall, I minimalize most of my physical possessions. This gives others the impression that I’m a minimalist for all matters in my life. Far from it, I’m quite the maximizer in some regards.

I maximize the quality of my clothes. A $150 shirt is a great investment if its cost per wear ratio is favorable compared to a cheap shirt you only wear once before donating.
I maximize in my experiences. If I’m going to see my role models speak live, I’ll splurge on getting seats closer to the front to maximize the efficacy of the lessons they teach. Same applies to my travel and entertainment experiences.
I maximize my reading material. I choose to buy paperback books over the kindle; the tactile feedback and experience has not been replaced by digital yet. Call me old fashioned, but I also print out long form articles from the internet.
I maximize on the quality of my furniture. If I’m going to spend more than a third of my life on my bed and a third of my life at my desk, wouldn’t it make sense for me to buy the highest quality products to maximize the comfort and enjoy-ability factor of the two?