Options gives you confidence

When you have multiple interviews lined up,
when you have multiple streams on incomes,
when you have multiple dating prospects to call up,
when you have multiple chess pieces on the board…

You have options. Why does this matter?

Because a person is as confident and valuable as her options.

A person with several options can take more risks. She knows if she loses in one arena, she can compete in another.

Lost a game? No sweat; more opportunities will come. Hell, I’ll create my own opportunities.

This is the essence of abundance. From abundance stems joy, gratitude, playfulness, optimism, and confidence.

Make no mistake, you’re not limited to changing only your options in reality, but changing your theoretical, expected options as well. This is more powerful because simply by changing your expectations of how capable you are of securing future options, you can change your confidence and power at will.

Resourcefulness first before resources. Confidence first before competence.

On the other hand,
when you have only 1 interview lined up,
when you have only 1 source of income,
when you have only 1 dating prospecting,
when you have only your King left on the board…

You have no options, which breeds a scarcity mindset.

Scarcity is the host of several parasitic emotions — fear, jealousy, attachment, lying, stealing, codependency…

With all your chess pieces, you’ve infinite possibilities. With only your King, you’ve lost the game.