daily haiku: rest

A moment of rest,

The journey is arduous,

Our moment precious.

When you rest, rest.


daily haiku: confidence

What is confidence?

Know that everyone likes you,

Upon your entrance.


daily haiku: be real

Is this who we are?

Can we drop these heavy masks,

And dance in moonlight?

Learned a lesson in being real today. Again.


daily haiku: trail

Leave a trail for me,

To know which way I came from,

To your loving arms.

Daily journaling.


daily haiku: open door

Come and go freely,

Weave into our lives often,

The door is open.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Let them go, but leave the door open.


daily haiku: time to love

Are you still running?

To reach for the stars above?

Stay grounded with me.

We’re called human beings for a reason, not human doing.


daily haiku: good looks

A fire burns inside.

To know they believe in me.

I cannot be stopped.

Such a euphoric feeling. Knowing that so many people believe in me, how can I ever stop or doubt myself?