Why I’m practicing giving now

If you don’t give 1% now, what makes you think you’ll start to give 1% later?
–Tony Robbins

At a young age, I told myself that when I become rich, I would give back to communities, worthwhile causes, and the needy. Fast forward to now when I’m 27, I’ve only given pennies of my own savings.

Whether I had $100 in the savings or $10,000, I gave so little. It never seemed like I was in a good enough position to give back.

What held me back from giving wasn’t how much actual money I had, but my mindset. With a scarcity mindset, there is no such thing as enough. Not enough attention. Not enough love. Not enough stuff.

A millionaire that is unacquainted with abundance will only be envious of the billionaire. If you don’t know what you want, the answer by default will always be more, especially when it comes to money.

When I was told the above quote, my paradigm shattered. I was shocked by how blind I’ve been to such faulty thinking. I haven’t given much because perhaps I’m waiting. Waiting for salvation to come in the future. When winds are blowing right, the sun shining bright, and the currents are finally steady, then that’s when I’ll give.

But conditions will never be perfect.

And if you wait until you feel 100% ready, you’re already too late.

The secret to living is giving. If you don’t know how to be happy, then make someone else happy. Suffering happens when we make it all about me, me, and me. If you’re living in your head all day and thinking about yourself, life is going to look pretty dim.