right direction

I feel like my life is heading in the right direction. And it feels fucking good.

Work is good. Family is great. Growth is happening. My core values are making progress: family, fitness, freedom, and fervor.

Except the last one. I’ve been slacking on the whole “save the world, planet, and all of humanity” element of my life.

Shit, I’ve been at it for nearly 25 years on that. Can a brotha get some slack here?

But I wonder now. Why have I not been feeling such contentment before?

The answer is now clear. I lived on expectation instead of appreciation. I lived in the future and the past, but not in the present.

My life was hellbent on achievement, on trying to be someone. And that someone was someone other than myself.

Now, I’m unlearning all that self-judgment., self-hatred, and self-rejection. And in turn, I’m practicing self-love.

My life ain’t perfect, but I like where it’s going.