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Now page inspired by Derek Sivers, one of my favorite humans.

I’m grateful to be working at home. I acknowledge that I am on of the few people in the world that hasn’t been severely impacted by the COVID19 🙏. Currently, I do digital marketing freelance work. One of my coolest clients is Thrive Market, who is experiencing the pleasant problem of having unprecedented demands! They are an online grocery after all.

This “global pause” is giving me ample time to gather myself and reflect on what’s important and what do I really want to create.

To give myself a bit more certainty and structure amidst these unusual times, I am seeking a full-time job at a startup. I’m open to a sales or marketing role. My criteria is quite simple: I find the company interesting, it has a good product, and that I can learn and contribute.

While I create for myself a more sturdy foundation to stand upon, I will be continuing with my leading idea of creating meditation cushions made from sustainable material. Profits from this project will go towards funding meditation rooms in schools, cleaning up the ocean, or something else I haven’t thought of yet.

I’m excited about getting back into content creation. Writing is my primary focus to develop my storytelling fundamentals. Eventually I’ll experiment with video via youtube and audio via podcast at some point. One step at a time.

I’m learning Vietnamese! I have a tutor in Vietnam who is wonderful and she is enjoying teaching an American-Vietnamese adult with the vocabulary level of a 10 year old. Any chance I get to speak Vietnamese, I take it. The possibility of living in Vietnam or Asia looms in the horizon.

As always, I am open to collaborating or scheming with others to either make epic sh*t happen or get rich quick.

Reach out if you want to talk about any of these!


This Now page will be regularly updated. http://evanvpham.com/now/

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