window of escalation

When a woman gives you the green light…

When a coworker says something that pisses you off…

When anyone does something that triggers your positive or negative emotion…

There’s a short time frame for you to respond and act.

That time frame is called the window of escalation.

It doesn’t work for you to come back 5 minutes later after you thought of your response. No. There’s no time. This is where you’re forced to think on your feet and make decisions quickly.

It’s something I’m desperately working on — to recognize those windows of escalation and executing on moving the ball forward and asserting my boundaries.

Example: this lady on my uber ride said it was her birthday, and implied that anything she wants was the way to go. I reluctantly signed that contract. And I’m so upset at myself for doing so. I brooded for quite awhile. What is life without brooding? A life full of expression, and not repressed emotions. Hence, no depression.

Capture the moment and keep your eyes open for the window of escalation. Once it passes, you lose that chance.