Hire Evan

I am available to consult with you on your entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing projects at a day rate starting at $500 a day with a 1 day minimum.

If you have a not for profit project or cause, I will consult for you at a discounted rate of (1) lunch or dinner, so I can get to know your goals, and (2) a referral to someone who could benefit from my services.

Contact information is here.

If you are unfamiliar with my work, below are some of my previous proud projects:

I was a co-founder and business development manager for Dealflicks, kind of like Priceline for movie tickets. We got it to $15m valuation. It eventually fizzled out, but we did proud, awesome and meaningful work. We did this mostly while living out of a van.

My best friend and I started The CPR Hero. It became #2 training center in California in terms of sales. Some cool clients we served include Tesla, Toys R Us, and a bunch of regional hospitals. Simultaneously, we built Prep by Prep tutoring and college consultation. Both are still operating today.

I have been working in marketing agencies since 2014. I’m grateful to have served clients such as Facebook, Caviar, Square, Betterment, and other venture backed companies. I am a founding partner and advisor for a digital marketing agency called Jumpkit.