how lucky that i get to work with brilliant and delightful people

I’m blown away seeing my peers lead meetings, initiate useful projects to support the greater good, and are ultra delightful to have drinks with too. They drink way more than me! What a blessing!

I remember listening to one of my colleagues shared the story of how she used data driven storytelling to provide recommendations that improves performance, generates revenue, and delights the customer. How cool are they.

The greatest tragedy is that I forget what a rare treasure trove I’ve stumbled upon. There are days where I am barely above water and stressed the fuck out. Gratitude and joy go out the window.

What does it take for me to remember? I guess it’s just practice? Undoubtedly meditation, writing, and frequently sharing with others can only benefit me.

Can I carry this sense of gratitude to other areas of my life? I think I can copy and paste these sentiments to other arenas. It’s a matter of practice, again. You get good at what you practice, Evan.

Pardon my dramatic tone and dorkiness, but it’s all genuine! Always genuine. I really won the lottery, that is all.


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